Privacy Policy

  1. The company Dydko Cracow Tours, owner of the website, undertakes to protect the data concerning the website visitors.
  2. Data regarding website users will not be transferred or sold to other companies or third parties.
  3. Data provided by website users will be used only for communication and for the service reservation procedure.
  4. The website owner and entities servicing the website can collect statistics of the website.
  5. The website owner reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy. Changes can occur at any time, and users may or may not be notified.
  6. In order to enable efficient functioning of the website as well as booking procedures, cookies are occasionally used. These files are information provided by the web browser and stored on the user’s local hard drive. Cookies do not collect any personal data of the website users.
  7. This policy does not violate applicable laws, in particular consumer protection and competition. In the event of a conflict between the policy regulations and the applicable regulations, these rules shall apply instead of the policy regulations, and the remainder of the policy remains in force.